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Early Thoughts on DOCTOR SLEEP: Today In Books

Charity Helps Incarcerated People Read To Their Kids

Too often, prisons limit access to books. And the children of incarcerated people are collateral damage in a criminal justice system in need of reform. So it’s great to read about the Storybook Project, a non-profit that brings children’s books and recording equipment into prisons so that inmates can still read aloud to the kids in their lives.

Early Thoughts on DOCTOR SLEEP Adaptation

The social media embargo has been lifted for those people lucky enough to score an early screening of the film adaptation of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s follow-up to The Shining (a horror classic you may be revisiting this spooky season). Check out a roundup of reactions to this sequel!

The Bookworm Cabin

In a wooded area in Poland sits a minimalist vacation home that is the closest anyone can come to actually living in a library. Photos of this envy-inspiring cabin can be found here.