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Marriage Engagement Via Book Manuscript: Today In Books

Marriage Engagement Via Book Manuscript

Ronan Farrow proposed to boyfriend Jon Lovett while Farrow was writing his book Catch And Kill by sending Lovett a draft of the book and asking the question in it: “‘Marriage?’ Farrow wrote. ‘On the moon or even here on Earth.’ He read the draft, found the proposal here, and said, ‘Sure.’”

Will Comic Shops Finally Adapt?

Here’s a look at how comic book sales have been changing from what comics readers are buying to where they’re buying them. And since it looks like sales from the “book channel” (retailers that aren’t comic book shops) are projected to surpass comic book shop sales this year in North America, it is time comic book shops finally adapted to the times. What is missing from this article is the fact that many of these new readers avoid comic book shops because they’ve historically not been welcoming to all.


The Charlottesville Area Transit has partnered with Bus Lines Community Poetry for a poetry competition! The theme is “Poetry by You”–so I’m guessing that’s a wide open theme–and must be 10 lines or less.