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Used Book Makes Its Way Back To Owner Decades Later: Today In Books

Will you be watching WATCHMEN?

Adapting a story from one medium to another is always going to result in some necessary changes. Other changes are debatable, and if you know anything about fan culture, you know debates abound. Get up to speed on the difference between the Watchmen comic book ending and the film ending, and find out what that difference may mean for the television series.

Georgia High Schoolers Build Little Libraries

There are 200 little libraries under construction by students in Maxwell High School of Technology’s construction trades program. This is in a county where only 52% of children are kindergarten-ready. The finished libraries will be decorated by local artists and placed in shelters, early learning centers, and other areas where books are needed.

Woman Reunited With Childhood Book

A woman browsing used books in the gift shop of the Museum of English Rural Life found a copy of The Secret Garden that she and her sister had bought new as children. Read the Twitter Moment that tells the serendipitous tale.