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Book Vending Machine Rewards Kindness: Today In Books

Book Vending Machine Rewards Kindness

Oak Chan Elementary School in Folsom, California has installed a vending machine that contains books instead of snacks and drinks. But to get a book you can’t just put any coins in, you have to be rewarded with a special coin after having been “caught” acting in kindness. Kindness rewarded with a book.

What Is Happening At Book Culture?

I know in a roundup of news I should be giving you answers and not just “whaaaaat?” but I just have more questions after this article where it seems the founder and co-owner of Book Culture aren’t on the same page. Chris Doeblin (founder) recently made news for requesting help in saving the bookstore, but now co-owner “MacArthur believes Doeblin is misleading patrons and potential lenders by using the Columbus store to raise money for a separate business, and he wants to ensure that the public is aware of where lenders are sending their cash.”

The Good House Adaptation!

Last night Tananarive Due tweeted, with permission (so cute!), that she’d made a deal with producer Effie Brown to bring her horror novel The Good House to TV. We’re on the edge of our seat waiting for the official announcement and all the details!