Today In Books

Kree-Skrull Hybrid And Human Mutant Kiss, Prompting Pearl-Clutching: Today In Books

Finally, a Death Star in Pop-Up Form

Do you admire the artistry and engineering that goes into a pop-up book? Do you enjoy a good star war? Well, there’s a book for you hitting shelves this fall! It’s Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy and you can watch a sneak peek here.

Author Disinvited From Lit Festival

The Knox County Public Library invited Julia Watts to participate in a panel at the LitUp Festival. She was planning to speak about her work as a young adult author. When the library found out that Watts had contributed to lesbian anthologies over a decade ago, they rescinded the invitation.

You Need To Calm Down (Mayor of Rio de Janeiro)

There’s a huge book fair going on in Rio de Janeiro, and the mayor is freaking out about LGBTQ content of featured books, specifically a kiss between Wiccan and Hulkling in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade. And then a major newspaper reprinted the kiss (thank you, Streisand effect). You can see that front page and get caught up on the court proceedings here.