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Are Ebooks Draining Library Budgets? Today In Books

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According To The Free Library of Philadelphia, Ebooks Are Budget Draining

There seems to be a clash brewing between libraries and publishers where library workers feel publishers aren’t pricing eBooks fairly. The options currently are: Metered access, which is based on a short time period or specific number of checkouts before the book must be purchased again, or perpetual license, which is priced significantly higher than the print edition.

A+E Studios Will Be Bringing The YA Adaptations

A+E Studios has partnered with Swoon Reads to adapt its titles to film and TV. Swoon Reads is unique in that they let readers select which books get published and have a say in the process, like voting on the cover and title. And, keeping with that model, it looks like your feedback can help get your favorites adapted! Cool, cool.

In Sad News

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Mary Oliver has passed away at 83. Oliver, who had more than 15 poetry/essay collections, was especially celebrated for her love of nature and animals. “One of her favorite adjectives was ‘perfect,’ and rarely did she apply it to people.” May we recommend you read Devotions and shed some tears with us.