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Thinking Of Owning A Bookstore And Living In Minnesota?

Common Good Books in St Paul, MN is for sale by owner. Garrison Keillor wrote in a mass email, “And now I’m leaving town and am busy writing a book of my own so it’s time to turn over the business to someone else.” Being that he was recently fired from MPR for sexual harassment accusations let me put out into the universe that there can never be too many feminist bookstores.

Alice Shalvi Donates Archives To National Library

Israel Prize laureate, feminist activist, and social advocate Alice Shalvi has donated her archive to the National Library of Israel, including letters written by the family during Nazi Germany. “As a true trailblazer in terms of the struggle for gender equality, Jewish education for women and many other areas of social activism, her influence over the course of many decades continues to be felt from the political sphere to education and religion.”

Netflix Plea

The streaming company would like people to stop doing the Bird Box challenge in hopes of sparing you a trip to the hospital. It all started with the Bird Box adaptation getting tons of views, and then people creating a meme where they try to do things blindfolded like in the movie. Basically, people gonna people, and you can see their videos here.