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The Oddest Book Title Of The Year: Today In Books

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The Oddest Book Title Of The Year

According to the Bookseller’s annual Diagram prize this year’s oddest book title goes to: The Joy of Waterboiling, a German-language guide to cooking meals in a kettle. It beat out other titles such as Are Gay Men More Accurate in Detecting Deceits?, Equine Dry Needling, Jesus on Gardening, and The Secret History of Dung.

A Round-Up Of Black Friday Sales For Readers

Here’s a list of great sales today from ereaders at Barnes & Noble and Amazon to sales at Indie stores, publishers, and small presses.

Wonder What Books College Freshman Are Reading?

The National Association of Scholars surveyed schools that used college common reading program throughout 481 colleges and universities. 67 percent of books assigned were published after 2011 meaning more recent work is being read than classics. Read on to hear about specific books being chose and why.