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Lin-Manuel Miranda Reads Poem Inspired By Bourdain’s Passing: Today In Books

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Gonna Make You Cry

With his reading on The Late Show of an excerpt from his new book. It’s a poem he wrote the morning he learned of Anthony Bourdain’s passing. His new book, G’morning G’night: Little Pep Talks For Me & You, is a compilation of his inspiring and affirming morning and evening tweets illustrated by Jonny Sun.

Twelfth Night Inspired Musical Coming To Amazon

It’ll be a contemporary television series musical inspired by Shakespeare’s play: “The complicated love story between a young man and biological young woman who, over the course of the series, begins to identify as gender-fluid.” We’re listening!

PEN America Sues Trump For Attacking Journalists

“When President Trump crosses the line and threatens to use his authority to punish the media, or actually does so, it is vital for the courts to step in and affirm that such threats and reprisals are unconstitutional,” wrote Jennifer Egan, PEN’s President, and Suzanne Nossel, PEN’s CEO.

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