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Double Idris Elba News: Today In Books

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In Idris Elba News

He’s joined the production of Ghetto Cowboy, an adaptation of Greg Neri’s novel, as producer and cast member. The story is inspired by Philadelphia and Brooklyn urban horseback riders and are tickets on sale yet? But wait there’s more Idris Elba news! In you-better-not-be-toying-with me: It’s being reported that James Bond producers do have Elba as the frontrunner for Bond when “the progressive move” “‘will happen eventually.'” Not my favorite quote but please GIVE ME ELBA BOND ALREADY.

Booker Prize Longlist Sells Out Graphic Novel From Stores

In it’s-just-an-honor-to-be-nominated: Looks like landing on the Booker longlist as the first graphic novel to make the longlist has created a demand that has left no stock in stores for Nick Drnaso‚Äôs Sabrina. “According to book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan, Sabrina has sold more than 1,500 copies in the two weeks since the Booker longlist was announced.”

See Artifacts From Famous Authors From The Comfort Of Your Home

Thanks to the New Yorker’s paid visit to the Berg Collection at the New York Public Library you can watch a video of Declan Kiely, the Director of Exhibitions, show and talk about historical artifacts from famous authors. This is why the internet exists.

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