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“Good Crime Fiction Holds A Mirror Up To Society”

Hello mystery fans! If you’re needing some ridiculousness in your life, the second season of NBC’s Trial & Error just started. It’s a spoof of procedurals and this season stars the always amazing Kristin Chenoweth–who may or may not have put her murdered husband into the trunk of her car in a suitcase.

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Rincey and Katie review recent Presidential mysteries and more on the latest Read or Dead.

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5 Lessons I Learned as a Murder Investigator (By Ellison Cooper, author of CagedReview–and there’s a giveaway in the post.)

Two Men Charged with Stealing More than $8 Million in Rare Books from Carnegie Library

July’s Mystery and Thriller Must-Reads

Karin Slaughter: By the Book “People are always surprised that I read a lot of history, but I feel that good crime fiction holds a mirror up to society and tells readers what’s going on in the world. You can’t do that effectively without understanding history.”

Adaptations and News

The trailer for The Girls, a (fake) true crime podcast based on Courtney Summer’s forthcoming novel Sadie. (The book is excellent, you can find my review below.)

I LOVE the official poster for the adaptation of The Hate U Give.

The complete first season of the BBC Sherlock has been adapted to Manga and will release in October in a box set.

Parkland Student Activists Announce Book: Gun Violence “Will Not Be Solved by Shrugging It Off”

Kindle Deals

For fans of British procedurals: Persons Unknown (DS Manon, #2) by Susie Steiner is $1.99

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland is $2.99 if you’re looking for a CIA psychological thriller. (Review)

Goldie Vance Vol 1 is $1.99 and that is a ridiculous price for this delightful graphic novel mystery about a teen valet in a Florida resort who spends most of her time solving mysteries! (Review)

A Bit of My Week In Reading

Hollywood Ending cover imageI started Hollywood Ending (Detective by Day #2) by Kellye Garrett and I love Day’s humor so much and I really like the way it’s moving her into a private detective apprentice role that comes with problems.

I finished the audiobook for Bearskin by James A. McLaughlin which was a good, gritty crime novel set in nature. (TW rape/ animal cruelty)

I had a hard time putting down Sadie by Courtney Summers because it’s so good and smart. It’s about a stubborn young woman who has gone looking for the man who murdered her thirteen-year-old sister, who she raised, in order to kill him. In between Sadie’s chapters is the transcript for a podcast where a radio personality is trying to find Sadie. I think this is going to be one of the big books of fall, as it should be. Fantastic on so many levels. (TW child abuse/ pedophilia/ attempted suicide mentioned)

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