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JK Rowling Explains Why Harry Potter 9 Will Never Happen: Today in Books for Sunday, April 29th

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J.K. Rowling Adamant Harry Potter 9 Won’t Happen

While doing press for the Broadway premiere of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, J.K. Rowling says that The Cursed Child is the end of the Wizarding World stories about Harry Potter. She says that Albus Potter was the character she was most interested in by the time she finished the novels, and that The Cursed Child is puts a cap on that storyline as well. I’m not sure I believe this, though not because I think she is dissembling, but because I am not sure Rowling can predict what she will want to do in the future.


Amazon Starts Limited Availability of In-Car Delivery

This seems like it could be an April Fool’s Joke, but it seems real that Amazon is rolling out in-car delivery. Using a new app called Amazon Key, Amazon Prime customers can sign-up to give Amazon delivery people the ability to leave orders in customers’ car trunks. On the one hand, this seems sort of bananas, but on the other, your trunk is basically a portable locker, so why not?


Some Publishers Adding Morality Clauses to Contracts

In response to a wave of news about sexual misconduct on the part of some authors, some publishers are starting to include so-called “morality clauses” into contracts. This clause allows a contract to be cancelled if the author engages in behavior that is generally considerable unacceptable within a given community.