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Roxane Gay Signs Comic Book Deal: Today in Books

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Roxane Gay Signs Comic Book Deal

You can scroll down the feed to learn more about it and get the reactions, but, in essence, Roxane Gay signed a deal for a six-episode series about three generations of black women master thieves working together on a heist. Epic. Gay has previously worked in comics, writing Black Panther: World of Wakanda with Ta-Nehisi Coates before it was unexpectedly canceled.

Literary Twitter Reacts To Article About Jane Austen’s Marital Status

When The Washington Post decided to celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday by sharing an article not so much about her talents as a writer, but about her talents as they relate to her spinsterhood, they sparked the ire of literary Twitter. The title of the piece is “Jane Austen was the master of the marriage plot. But she remained single.” You can bet authors, celebrities, and Austen fans showed up to lampoon both title and article.

Travel Guides For African Americans In The Segregated U.S. Reissued

The Green Books–a series of travel books written for African Americans traveling in the segregated US–have been reprinted with sales topping 10,000 copies. The series listed the places black people were allowed to stay, shop, and eat. The first edition was published in 1936 by Harlem postal worker Victor Hugo Green, and the series continued to be published until the end of legal segregation. The books depict a practical reality of the abstract concept of segregation for those who didn’t experience it firsthand, said Nat Gertler, publisher at About Comics, and the individual behind reprints of the Green Books.

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