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Book World Will Close All 45 Locations: Today in Books

Book World Will Close All 45 Locations

Wisconsin-based Book World is closing all 45 of its bookstores across seven states. Book World stores are located in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, North Dakota, and Missouri, with 320 employees across all stores. Beginning Thursday, possibly through January, each store will hold a liquidation sale until all inventory is sold. The Milwaukee news site reporting on the closures noted that Book World is the fourth largest bookstore chain in the United States.

Seattle Designated A UNESCO City Of Literature

Seattle joins 20 cities as a UNESCO City of Literature. Iowa City is the only other U.S. City of Literature. The Seattle Review of Books initially thought the city’s bid, which began in 2013, would be stalled by the U.S.’s withdrawal from UNESCO. Seattle City of Literature Board President Bob Redmond stated that the designation is “just extremely timely.” In order to qualify for the designation, cities have to meet a number of criteria, including “quality, quantity and diversity of publishing in the city.” Seattle joins cities including Edinburgh, Prague, Barcelona, and Baghdad.

Jacqueline Woodson Signs Two-Book Deal With Riverhead

The National Book Award winner says she’ll write a novel and a nonfiction book. Woodson became the 2014 National Book Award Winner for Young People’s Literature with Brown Girl Dreaming, and published Another Brooklyn in 2016. Entertainment Weekly interviewed the author about publishing her first adult novel in 20 years (Another Brooklyn), her move to Riverhead, and, of course, what she’s reading now. She didn’t offer details about the novel or nonfiction book, but somehow they’re already on my TBR.

Sponsored by THE BRIDE WHO GOT LUCKY, Janna MacGregor’s captivating new Regency romance that’s available October 31.

On October 31, Janna MacGregor’s Cavensham Heiresses series continues with The Bride Who Got Lucky.

Nicholas St. Mauer prefers solitude to society. But driven by honor, the reclusive Earl feels obliged to keep a watchful eye on Lady Emma Cavensham. She possesses a penchant for passions that finds Nick in constant peril of losing his well-structured solitude.

Emma has little use for a man—especially with the more pressing mission of proving her late friend’s death was no accident. But when a compromising moment upends all her plans, Nick may be the only man brave enough to join in Emma’s cause. . .and fight for her heart.

Unusual Suspects

Was Pablo Neruda Murdered? and More Mysteries!

Hello fellow mystery lovers! We’ve made it to November–I can smell the seasonal pies. Since the publishing industry hits the brakes during the end of the year when it comes to new releases, I’m going to do as much catch up and back catalog reading as I can–also, give a few books I put down a second (or third) try. Do you have any end of year reading goals?

Sponsored by Bethany House

When a terrorist investigation leads FBI agent Declan Grey to a closed immigrant community, he turns to crisis counselor Tanner Shaw for help. Despite the tension between them, he needs the best of the best on this case. Under imminent threat, they’ll have to race against the clock to stop a plot that could cost thousands of lives—including theirs.

There’s a baby elephant!

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra cover design: yellow with red border with an elephant between title words and a mustache at the bottomThe Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra (Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation #1) by Vaseem Khan: I 100% picked up this book because Inspector Ashwin Chopra inherits a baby elephant and I wanted to know how to get in on an inheritance like that. Sadly, I am no closer to inheriting one, but I did end up reading a delightful mystery. Inspector Chopra is retiring due to health, and ends up with a case of a drowned boy and (unrelated) a baby elephant. He may be retired, but he is not letting go of the boy’s death–which he refuses to accept as a drowning. He’s also having to figure out how to care for a baby elephant while living in an apartment complex. And you get to know Chopra’s wife, who has been unable to conceive all these years but finds herself coming up with an elaborate plan to finally have a child. Mystery, Mumbai, and a baby elephant–what more can you ask for?! (KINDLE DEAL ALERT: As of me writing this the kindle ebook is on sale for $2.99!)


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Rioter Nicole Mulhausen on reading Nancy Drew for the first time as an adult.

Attica Locke (and Joe Hill) are on this week’s Recommended!

Rincey and Katie discuss the trainwreck that is The Snowman adaptation publicity tour (and the film) and the mysteries they’re reading on Read or Dead.

“The only thing I want before I die is for the world to know the truth, that Pablo Neruda was murdered,” Araya told the Mexican magazine.” According to a 16-member panel Neruda did not die of cancer…

Hopefully the adaptation of this Dutch memoir will mean there will be an English translation release because it sounds really interesting: Astrid had to decide whether to turn against her mob boss brother after the murder of their brother-in-law.

Dear Nathan Fillion fans: He’ll be back at ABC with a “light crime drama” based on a true story of a rookie cop about twenty years older than all the other rookies.

Lorenzo Carcaterra’s Chasers has been put into development at CBS as a police drama series.

All the squeals for Megan Abbott’s next novel Give Me Your Hand which will release in July 2018.

Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham (creators of Girls) will adapt Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart.

A Cult, A Mystery, A Pinch of Orange is the New Black:

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly cover design: girl in all black zoomed in holding a bookThe Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes: Seventeen-year-old Minnow Bly is in juvenile detention for assault and if she wants to get out, rather than transferred to prison, she’s going to have to cooperate with an FBI agent who keeps randomly showing up. He’s got some questions about the Kevinian cult she was raised in. The one whose leader just died. Camp burned to the ground. Does Bly know who was responsible? And is she willing to reveal what she knows for her own freedom? Told in the present and with flashbacks that take you through Bly’s life growing up in the cult, how she lost her hands (graphic), and the night she lost everything she’d known and how that possibly can finally give her freedom. Beautifully written, this one stayed with me.

Twisty With Bite:

The Hanging Girl cover image: red and black with title and a pinned note that reads "trust no one deceive everyone"The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook: Skye Thorn “is in over her head” is an understatement. Needing money for college, she decides to use her tarot-card-reading-girl persona to help sell a fake kidnapping to the cops by claiming to have visions. The problem is everything goes wrong with the kidnapping, her accomplice has an agenda Thorn was unaware of and did not sign up for, and now Thorn’s psychic mother has decided she’ll also help the police with her visions. Soon Thorn doesn’t even care about the money anymore, she’d just like to get out of this entire mess alive and hopefully not arrested. I liked Thorn, as much as she’s screwing up and making some awful decisions, she’s aware and does have introspection and the desire to do better. The question is, is it too late?

Browse all the books recommended in Unusual Suspects previous newsletters on this shelf. And if you like to put a pin in things here’s an Unusual Suspects board.

Until next time, keep investigating! And in the meantime come talk books with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Litsy–you can find me under Jamie Canaves.

In The Club

In the Club Nonfiction Edition Nov 1

Welcome back to In The Club, a newsletter of resources to keep your book group well-met and well-read. Let’s dive in!

cover of The 57 Bus by Dashka SlaterThis newsletter is sponsored by The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater.

One teenager in a skirt.
One teenager with a lighter.
One moment that changes both of their lives forever.

A single reckless act during an 8-minute bus ride leaves one teen severely burned and the other charged with two hate crimes and facing life imprisonment. The 57 Bus is Dashka Slater’s true account of the case that garnered international attention and thrust both high school students into the spotlight.

I decided to dedicate this week’s newsletter entirely to nonfiction. It’s definitely not the first genre you think of when you think of book clubs (is mystery anyone else’s first thought?) but I’ve talked to folks in Business Book Clubs, workplace groups that focus on nonfiction of all kinds, and been part of several groups that have incorporated nonfiction into their discussions. This year’s Read Harder Challenge even had two nonfiction-specific tasks! So whether your group has never read nonfiction or specializes in it, here are some great options.

I know it’s the day after Halloween, but one last Spooktober link for you:  7 nonfiction reads that’ll make you shiver.

Seriously though, nonfiction is super good for book groups! Sophia has the recs (25, to be precise) to prove it.

Looking to build some mindfulness habits? We’ve got a reading list for that! I speak from experience when I say that building a meditation practice is so much easier if you’ve got a buddy (or a whole group!) doing it with you.

Prefer a solid narrative? Here are 50 books of narrative nonfiction, split into categories like History, Science, Social Issues, and more.

Poetry counts as nonfiction, right? It’s a kissing cousin at the very least. Here are 12 poets for those of you who aren’t sure you actually like poetry.

To scratch that ER/House/Grey’s Anatomy itch: Here are some medical reads, most of which are nonfiction. (I can’t be the only one obsessed with the lives of surgical residents, can I?)

Ok, how about some pictures with that? Here are 5 true crime comics, for when your group is feeling brave.

And that’s a wrap: Happy discussing! If you’re interested in science fiction and fantasy talk, you can catch me and my co-host Sharifah on the SFF Yeah! podcast. For many many more book recommendations (including the occasional book club question!) you can find me on the Get Booked podcast with the inimitable Amanda.

Your fellow booknerd,

More Resources: 
– Our Book Group In A Box guide
– List your group on the Book Group Resources page


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Here’s what Expelled is all about:

One viral photo. Four expelled teens. Everyone’s a suspect.

Will Foster’s Twitter account used to be anonymous—until someone posted The Photo that got him and three other students expelled, their futures ruined forever. But who took the picture, and why are they being targeted?

To uncover the truth, Will gets close to the suspects: the hacker, the quarterback, the bad girl, the class clown, the vice principal, and…his own best friend. What secrets are they hiding, and even worse—what do they know about each other? The terrible truth will haunt them forever.

New York Times bestselling author James Patterson brings us another fast-moving tale of suspense, with danger, romance, and twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the very last page.

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The Stack


Today’s The Stack is sponsored by Piper, written by Jay Asher and Jessica Freeburg, Illustrated by Jeff Stokely.

#1 international bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why Jay Asher and co-author Jessica Freeburg brilliantly reimagine the classic Pied Piper legend as a powerful graphic novel about loneliness, love, and vengeance. Fans of Neil Gaiman and Through the Woods by Emily Carroll will devour this eerie, atmospheric retelling. Piper is an exciting new departure for Jay Asher that deftly touches on the same themes of truth, guilt, and redemption that made Thirteen Reasons Why a beloved bestseller.

Today In Books

A Bot Named Shelley Is Writing Horror: Today in Books

A New Bot Named Shelley Might Write Your Next Horror Read

MIT researchers have been hard at work, creating a machine to fuel our nightmares. Named after Mary Shelley, the writing bot read 140,000 stories published by amateur writers who participate in Reddit’s “r/nosleep” forum. Shelley is now capable of generating its own stories. It sounds like the bot’s work might fit into the New Weird genre, based on some of the excerpts published with the piece. It also sounds like writers don’t have much to worry about as far as competition goes…

A National Rail Provider Comes Under Fire For Use Of Anne Frank’s Name

National rail provider Deutsche Bahn is under fire for plans to name a train after Anne Frank. In a statement, the Anne Frank Foundation said, “A combination of Anne Frank and a train conjures up the image of persecution of Jews and deportations during World War II.” A jury selected Frank’s name from a shortlist. The Berlin-based company responded to criticism about the insensitivity of their plans, saying they hadn’t intended to cause hurt, and that they’ll hold internal discussions about the public’s concerns. Another piece on the story mentioned that DB is a state-owned successor of the rail provider that deported millions of Jews.

A Halloween Special Featuring Neil Gaiman

As the day is creeping up on us, I’ll leave you with a special Halloween show featuring Neil Gaiman. If you’re struggling to get in the spirit, you can listen to Gaiman guest host Funny/Scary from Selected Shorts. Gaiman presents four ghoulish tales, two by the author and two Chuck Palahniuk favorites. He also narrates one of his stories, “Click-Clack, The Rattlebag.” But other familiar names, including John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Becky Ann Baker (Freaks and Geeks), join in to narrate. Grab a bag of candy corn (:shudder:), and have a listen.

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Sponsored by the University of Iowa Press, publisher of Outside Is the Ocean, 2017 Iowa Short Fiction Award-winning collection by Matthew Lansburgh.

Three days after her twentieth birthday, a woman who grew up in WWII Germany travels to America for a new beginning. Outside Is the Ocean traces Heike’s struggle to find love and happiness. After two marriages and a troubled relationship with her son, Heike adopts Galina, a disabled child from Russia, hoping for the affection and companionship she craves. As Galina grows, Heike’s grasp on reality frays. She writes a series of letters to the son she thinks has abandoned her. It isn’t until Heike’s death that her son finds these letters and realizes how skewed her perceptions actually were.

New Books

Elvis Fights Monsters, Killer Pets, and More New Books for Halloween!

Happy Halloween, book lovers! NOW GIMME CANDY. I have a few spooky-ish books out today to tell you about, and you can hear about several more great books on this week’s episode of the All the Books! Rebecca and I talked about a few amazing books we loved, including Beasts Made of Night, Everything is Awful, The Tea Dragon Society, and more.

Sponsored by Dark Horse Comics

Preparations begin at Castle Golga for the annual festival of the undead, as a pair of fearless vampire killers question a man hidden away in a monastery on the Baltic Sea. The mysterious Mr. Higgins wants nothing more than to avoid the scene of his wife’s death, and the truth about what happened to him in that castle. However, these heroic men sworn to rid the world of the vampire scourge inspire Higgins to venture out and to end the only suffering he really cares about–his own.

AND OHHHHH! Did you know we’re giving away $500 to the bookstore of your choice? Click here to enter!

the murderer's maidThe Murderer’s Maid by Erika Mailman

Possible axe murderer Lizzie Borden is big this year. Along with See What I Have Done, and the forthcoming YA novel, Lizzie, we have this new retelling mixed with a contemporary story abut a barista in fear for her life. Mailman has written a fresh take on what happened to the Bordens, and made it extra-compelling with the addition of a second tale. Read this chop-chop! (Sorry not sorry.)

Backlist bump: The Telling by Jo Baker

my pet serial killerMy Pet Serial Killer by Michael J. Seidlinger

Somehow, in between working talking about books for Dzanc Books and Electric Literature, Seidlinger manages to write his own books. LUCKY US. This one is a delightfully disturbing about a forensic science student who keeps a pet – you guessed it – serial killer in her apartment. Did I already mention that it is disturbing? Happy Halloween, kids.

Backlist bump: Falter Kingdom by Michael J. Seidlinger

bubba and the cosmic bloodsuckersBubba and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers by Joe R. Lansdale

From the man who brought you Hap & Leonard, and Bubba Ho-Tep, the short story that inspired the movie and this book! Elvis and a group of monster fighters must secretly demolish evil creatures in New Orleans in this raucous, gory ride filled with drugs, sex, violence, and pb & banana sandwiches.

Backlist bump: The Best of Joe R. Lansdale by Joe R. Lansdale

That’s it for me today – time to get back to reading! If you want to learn more about books new and old (and see lots of pictures of my cats, Millay and Steinbeck), or tell me about books you’re reading, or books you think I should read (I HEART RECOMMENDATIONS!), you can find me on Twitter at MissLiberty, on Instagram at FranzenComesAlive, or Litsy under ‘Liberty’!

Stay rad,


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We have 10 copies of Last Chance by Gregg Hurwitz to give away to 10 Riot readers!

Here’s what it’s all about:

An alien threat has transformed everyone over the age of eighteen into ferocious, zombie-like beings, and Chance and Patrick are humanity’s only hope for salvation in Last Chance, the second book in Gregg Hurwitz’s thrilling The Rains Brothers series. Don’t miss the continuation of the tale Ridley Pearson called “all-too-creepy-and-believable…. Chilling!”

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Riot Rundown


Today’s Riot Rundown is sponsored by Life Detonated by Kathleen Murray Moran.

The gripping true story of Kathleen Murray, a young mother whose life was changed on September 11, 1976 when her husband, a NYPD bomb disposal expert, was killed by a terrorist’s bomb. It details her journey out of poverty, and her own determination to take care of her two young sons as she starts over.