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Decorate Your House With Harry Potter Decor and More YA Book Talk

Hey YA Readers:

It’s time to bulk up your TBR and your brain about all things young adult lit.

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Brooke has gotten so good at pretending to be fine that they’re letting her leave inpatient therapy. Now this time, when she’s ready to end her life, there won’t be anyone around to stop her. Then Brooke meets Derek, the only person who really gets what Brooke is going through, because he’s going through it too. But when Derek’s feelings for her intensify, Brooke must accept that the relationship bringing out the best in her might be bringing out the worst in Derek—and Derek at his worst could be capable of real darkness.

Happy October! Let’s catch up on the last month of YA book talk around Book Riot.


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Thanks for reading this week, and we’ll see you back here next week with a fun interview with a rising star of YA lit (and someone who has a book that you’ll want to be reading as soon as humanly possible!).

— Kelly Jensen, @veronikellymars