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OUTLANDER Series to End Finally…Probably: Today in Books for September 23rd, 2017


Diana Gabaldon Says Outlander is Over…Probably

In an interview last week, Outlander series author Diana Gabaldon said that she knows exactly how the last book will end and that it will probably be at the end of book 10. Apparently, a mysterious incident in the first book is the key to the story’s finale, so Outlander fans, rev your conjecture engines.

Kenneth Branagh Will Narrate New Audiobook Version of Murder on the Orient Express

As part of the run-up to the release of his new film adaptation of Christie’s most famous work, Kenneth Branagh will record a new narration of Murder on the Orient Express. The new version will be available on October 19th, just a few weeks before the film premieres on November 10th.

A Deep Dive into the Archive

The Village Voice has a great profile of the archives of the New York Public Library, featuring the so-called “most interested man in the world.” It would seem that the rising tide of interesting paper document produced over the last few centuries has led to a glut of collected, and largely unprocessed, information. The work of archivists might be among the most important least heralded anywhere.


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